Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Photo Garland

After having our iPhone Instagram photographs showcased during SIN2011 last year, we received our prints after the exhibition and I stored them aside for keepsake. :D I have always wanted to make a garland hanging below the shelve and TADAA~

I couldn't find the mini pegs that I bought some time ago from Daiso so I used paper clips instead. The pegs are probably packed in one of the storage boxes when we moved, still packed as we will be moving again. Then I will be able to uncover them. XD

I will attempt to make crochet garland in the future. :D I've seen some really nice ones online. <3

Monday, 27 February 2012

Klang: Premiere Hotel

Mr J and I traveled to Klang, Malaysia to attend his colleague's wedding and we stayed in Premiere Hotel. This is a 5 stars hotel, we booked the room through Agoda for $74sgd per night which is way cheaper than the usual stated price at $200+ sgd.

There was a king size bed which is not too soft nor too firm, they also supplied soft and hard pillow. Though we would still prefer our own pillows lol if only we had our own pillows, the sleep would had been the best! They also provided plenty of towels in different sizes, the lighting in the room was sufficient. Our room is on the 17th floor and it was the last room on the left when facing the opposite side of the elevator lobby windows and at night there was this loud generator noise. We were not really affected by it but if you are sensitive to noise it could be annoying.

I have to say the room was really clean :D The sheets are clean and spotless, the carpet looked clean and the bathroom was very clean too. <3

The minibar area with the mini fridge below. The fridge wasn't really cold even with it's setting on coldest. I like this corner as I get to make our tea everyday. :D But I didn't enjoy the top cupboard being there, for the height, it was dangerous because I had my forehead bumped into the corner of the cupboard 3 times and twice was on the same spot of my forehead. -__-; It was really painful. The hotel knew about this problem, so they had the corner of the cupboard sealed with a corner rubber protector, with that I didn't have a hole on my forehead but it was still painful to bump into the rubber protector.

There were ironing board, steam iron, 6 hangers and a safe deposit box inside the wardrobe that has a auto light which will turn on when there is movement but sometimes it just won't activate. ^^; We were glad that there's ironing board and iron provided as we needed to iron we shirts. :)

The bathroom was really spacious and clean. Although there wasn't a bathtub, the shower was great with powerful water flow and adjusting the temperature of the water was easy. The amenities in the bathroom include a plastic comb, 2 sets of toothbrush and toothpaste, a sewing kit, a shower cap, 2 bottles of moisturizing cream, a bar of soap, 2 bottles of shower gel, 2 bottles of shampoo and a sanitary bag.

The night view out of the room's window was a bonus! Not only we get to enjoy the night view, this was also the direction for sun rise. :D It was amazing! But it wasn't easy to view the sun rise as the outside of the window has condensation over it since we had the AC on throughout the night. We are guessing that we should be able to catch the sun rise from the elevator lobby because the AC isn't that strong and the windows should be clearer though the window panes aren't as clean as those in our room. ' 3 '

Spacious elevator lobby at 17th floor. It is bright at night, the lobby and corridor don't feel creepy like some hotel does where the lights are very dim.

For our 2 nights stay, we ordered Banana Split and a regular pizza at night. :) They tasted good but when we requested for 2 scoops of chocolate and 1 scoop of vanilla and they repeated our order, the banana split came with 2 scoops of strawberry and 1 scoop of chocolate. As for the pizza, it took an hour to be delivered to our room when it says on the menu that it needed 30 minutes. I called the food ordering line to check on my order but no one answered it, so I called the one stop line and had them check for me regarding my order and if they had forgotten my order I would like to cancel it as it was late already. They checked and told me the staff was on the way to our room. Waited for another 5 to 10 minutes for the pizza to arrive and it was already 1.25am. X_X; I almost fell asleep and Mr J fell asleep long ago while waiting for the pizza.

Tesco shopping centre is very close to the hotel, about 5 to 10mins walk away, there is also an A&W restaurant behind the hotel if you are an A&W fan :D~~ The huge shopping centre Jusco is 4km away from the hotel and they provide shuttle services.

The stay in this hotel was overall very good, we wish that the staff could be more attentive with their service. As we asked for things through room service on different nights and even if they seems to acknowledge our request on the phone, they did not deliver what we had requested. :-\ All the staffs were very friendly and helpful. :) It would be so much easier if I knew Bahasa so that language won't be a barrier when traveling in Malaysia.

(Photos are a mixture of Mr J's and mine, only the last 2 are mine. All edited by me. )

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

iPhone Photowalk Sunday: Selegie Area

Reflection shot inside SOTA.
Come sit with me.
Us by Mr J <3

Some how shooting in SG has become boring to me. I have been going to the same places over and over for the past 30 years OxO; I guess it is time that we go on another trip out of SG again. /Grins

Vrooom vroom off we go!
(Taken during our Malacca road trip 2011)

Momo Chan with new body

Some how I forgot to blog about Momo chan with her new Pure Neemo Flection body over the weekend. ^^;

With this body, she feels a little more matured, I guess it is due to all the curves that the body has which is what I like. :)

I did a quick crochet with all my left over linen thread for her in this body. :D It is shorter because that's all I had left. XD After playing with her sometime, her hair is getting a little wavy, I didn't tie her hair, not sure how the waves appear but I guess I might have to iron them straight soon. :)

When the time comes, I will work on the other Obitsu head that I had the hair implanted half way. ^^; Most likely also remove the old face I painted and paint a new face for her. ' U ' Then she can be on the obitsu body.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Shopping day - Uniqlo

Yesterday I saw that Uniqlo is having promo for the hood sweat shirt with discount from $49.90 to $29.90. So we went to take a look at the branch at Causeway Point. (Super glad we have a Uniqlo branch so close! I love their tops, sadly I can't fit their bottoms. :-\ ) We both bought a woman and man's grey sweat shirt. Hehe <3 It's so soft and fits really nicely. <3 Although it's a bit towards to a warmer side but it's fine by me as long as I get to cover my skin from the sun. = 3 =;;

That's why I love Uniqlo! They have trendy looking long sleeves tops and they are at affordable price! <3 They even came out with a series that has UV cuts! How cool is that! :D I bought them too.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Rain goes away, body came along

Rain on the window...

The red and white chimney that I will miss when I move to our new house. I was playing with GX1 during the evening trying out the miniature mode from my window view. Something different but I still prefer the real bokeh. :D

Here's another shot, after that I saw the rainbow again but I did not capture it because it was really faint and disappearing. Seems like it was only out for a while.

Who would expect Hobbylink's package to arrive so soon!!! Momo chan's Pure Neemo Flection body is here! The package arrive after dinner. :D Momo chan is unable to contain her excitement Lol Look at her!

DUNDUNDUN! To our horror her back of the new body was stained!!! D: If you refer to the previous photo you can see how the instruction paper was place under the body and since Pure Neemo Flection body weight is kind of dense and the surface is matt, the ink of the piece of paper had been transferred onto the body. :(

The affected areas are her back right shoulder, her butt cheeks and her calves. Although my photo isn't showing much, the stains were actually darker as compare to the photo. Momo chan was shocked! ;__;

I attempted to clean up the stains in hoping that they will be easily removed but the stain on the right butt cheek is too stubborn to be removed entirely. ;A; I don't want to stress the body too much for now. Maybe I might do a light sanding to the affected area later in the coming week of something.

My first impression of Pure Neemo Flection S body online was that I thought it's really nice to pose with it, looking at all the cute/anime like hand gestures. ;-) I also thought that since it's plumber than an Obitsu body, Momo chan's Blythe sisters clothing should be able to fit Pure Neemo body better. I also like how curvy the body looks. <3

My first impression of Pure Neemo Flection S body when I took it out of the packaging was the weight is a lot denser than a Obitsu body, it's good because it will be able to handle Momo chan's long hair, they are pretty heavy. When touching the finishing of the body, it's not plastic and it kind of feels better IMO, for some weird reason I felt that I'm one step closer to owning a BJD LoL (Still far from that. I know. Haha...) Well then I noticed that her right arm is kind of loose, the joint gap is obvious. :( PNFS is not as flexible as compare to Obitsu body but I think I can accept that and learn to pose it, it is not like I can pose the Obitsu body well in the first place. I am still in the learning stage of photographing and posing dolls. ^^; Oh ya, last point, PNFS body does fit into Blythe's clothing but the hip is on a larger side and shoulders and bust are smaller, so there is still some alteration to do when choosing clothes for her. And since I have a certain image for her, not all clothing are suitable for her.

Since I did not expect to receive the package so early, I did not dig out the doll clothing. ^^; Even though I've transferred Momo chan onto the new body, she didn't have a decent to wear and no good lighting at night, hence no photos of the new Momo chan.

I will see if I can crochet something simple for her tonight before bed so that she can go to the airport with us tomorrow to watch the air show! :D

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Momo chan gets new dress and accessories

A rare full body photo of Momo chan. :)

Even though she will be getting a new body soon and this dress will only fit this body, it is ok because the other body-less girl could use the body. :) After referencing online what is possible to create with crocheting for dolly fashion, I just went ahead to improvise as I go. I didn't record the stitches. ^^;

Instead of using the yarns I have, I turned to using sewing threads because they will be softer after I crochet them. I almost finished up my bobbin of 100% linen thread that I bought long ago, thinking that I could use it for packaging but I didn't use it much. Though the whole bobbin is awesome as a prop for photography. Hehe. I love the color and texture of it and it is soft enough after handling it a bit. 

Thick cotton sewing thread was used for the white trims, hat and shawl. It is really soft after crochet! <3 

Maybe I should make a pair of matching shoes for her too. Poor thing is bare footed. : p

Hat keeps her hair less messy and cute! XD

Aww this shawl is super soft! I love touching it. LoL Initially it was suppose to be a shawl plus cardigan but she didn't look good in it as a cardigan. So it just remains as a shawl.

Momo with messy hair! ^^ I like how the dress sticks to her body and is not bulky.

I also discovered another with great lighting to take pictures! The bathroom. XD There is a huge frosted window that defused the sunlight and white tiles bay window! It's an excellent place for me. Wahahaha

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ink Drawings 2010

Verbal Visual

These ink drawings were done back in 2010 but they are only shown to the public now online. I was planning to do something with them but the project is still on hold until I start planning again. :)

I had lots of fun drawing them, seriously these drawings are really therapeutic to do. My idea for this drawing is that perhaps what our conversation might look like if there's a visual for the things that come out of our mouths. I thought of using words, but I don't really plan to include what type of conversation they are having. ^^


I believe people face a lot of problems in life and some times those problems seem to not matter as much when they don't look at it. Call it escaping but if there are things that couldn't be help maybe turning a blind eye might ease one's mind for a while, enabling them to recover for that moment and prepare to continue fighting.

This may be dark but honestly it's just another way to rant. Usually my rant arts look better. LoL But they don't come often and I don't want them to come often! XD 

I love drawing a lot even though I don't draw as much as I used to, I value quality more than quantity now. :D

Choosing A Body for Momo chan

I have been thinking of replacing Momo chan's body because she is unable to share her Blythe sisterher clothes due to her skinny obitsu body. :(

So we went online to look for a suitable body. Researching, comparing prices, asking for advises...


After quite some time, we finally made up our mind and placed our order! Momo chan's new body should be here in 1 or 2 week's time. Hohoho

We can't wait!!! I can't wait to pose her better and she can't wait to wear more clothes without having them sewn on her because they are too loose on her skinny obitsu body. ' 3';

Well, I don't play with Momo chan much because her head wobble badly on this body, the torso is really loose whenever I pose her and of course the size of the obitsu body isn't suitable for me. I still wish that I can make clothes myself but I'm not good at it. ^^; So I hope after we get the new body things will be better. :D

I'll update again when the body is here. :D I also wanted to get an extra head from the same store to save shipping but too bad those that I wanted aren't available. Oh well. ^^

Oh ya, Mr J and I went to the movies tonight and we caught Safe House. I would recommend this film! Really exciting and Ryan Reynolds is such a hottie. Hahaha XD Well, the night didn't end really well though because Mr J wasn't feeling too well. I hope he will feel better after a night's good rest. :(

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

We wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. : ) Momo chan is glad to have handsome white bunny (Swap with Maria from MforMonkey  <3 ) with her today to keep her company. At the same time, she was also shopping with me for her new body which I will probably write about later. (Gotta head out for a bit.) She couldn't be happier. Also made her a simple hairband to go with the adorable dress by Puppy52. <3

Did Momo chan do a hover hand on white bunny? XD

My favorite shot of the bunch. ^^ It might look creepy to others haha but I love this.

Have a nice day everyone, don't be despair if you are single because I believe Valentine's Day can be shared with your friends and family too. :) Or it is just another day to me when I was single. LoL XD

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Kinotopic Fun

I installed a new iPhone app that was free last night, I am not sure if it is still free. It is Kinotopic, it's a social platform that lets you create gifs like these. Each clip is not longer than 3 seconds and you can also mask the area where you want the animation to loop. It is kind of fun and something different from just photography.

 Mr J was very busy, I asked him to install the app too. XD

Shot this while I was on the bus. LOL there is an option that enables me to reverse my clip too.

Songs by Christina Perri

Found Christina Perri just a few days ago, I probably heard her songs on radio before without remembering the song name or her name. The song A Thousand Years caught me while I was watching MTV on the TV. Now excuse me, I'm going to loop the song over and over. :D

Saturday, 11 February 2012

One of the Saturdays

Earlier today, it was quite warm with the blue sky and fluffy blue clouds, then the weather gets cooler as the sun sets. I had been crocheting with coasters for ourselves. :) The day ended with a lovely Tuna subway and Mr Bean's bean curd with Tāngyuán in it. Otama kun joined me during dinner. Hehe :D We also enjoyed the sun set together while Mr J went off to run his errand. :P

I had been watching Ghost Adventures while crocheting recently. At first I wasn't really impressed by how dramatic they are in the show but I managed to get used to it and I am at season 4 now. XD It's not something like Ghost Hunters (A fan for the show) but it is interesting because Ghost Adventures would introduce the places they visit, so I'm watching a travel/paranormal show and they are kind of funny too. Hehe

Tomorrow we will be going to Expo to look at some Furniture/Home show, hopefully we can learn some useful information at the show regarding renovation for our future home. :)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Quiet day

It had been a quiet and cooling day. Pinterest has been keeping me busy lately and the things that I can see there are really inspiring and interesting. :) Especially when there are a lot of DIY, Home and crafts. Whatever people pin there, I can get to the original source to read more about the topics.

I used to blog many years back, I posted random photos about my life and my friends. It was really fun back then, but as the years go by, I started to self-censor myself and finally decided to drop my blogs all together. I guess when I grew older, I want to have more privacy about my life. But I guess it is ok to share bits and pieces about my life and keep this as a diary of some sort.

Now that I want to get back blogging about what I enjoy doing and what I enjoyed with my family. I find it kind of hard to start writing about stuff as I haven't been really writing for years and I kind of forgot what I should write about. It is either I talk too little about something or I talk too much about something (like now). Haha

So please bear with my blogging style while I get use to it all over again. I don't want to bore anyone. :(

Yumie being a darling. Look at her bright eyes. ^^

After a few days, the last keyboard cover is finally completed. :D I am pleased with the colors I chose, gradients of blue can never go wrong. LOL XD According to J, my bro-in-law likes blue, so I gathered my blue scrap and new yarns to make this. After I finish this post, I will continue with my new crochet project before I go to bed. I am quite excited about this project and I will show what I am doing after I figure out the final outcome as I usually jinx stuff after I talk too much about it. XD

Good night.

Crochet Ripple Madness

We went out for a small shopping trip yesterday for some camera equipment for J and some yarn shopping for me. :D Then we head to Chinatown for a short photo walk to enjoy the lights in Chinatown before they remove all the Chinese new year decorations.

I had been crocheting covers for our keyboards. Our room tend to get dusty very easily and black keyboards do not help at all. A coat of dust will always be on J's keyboard after I had the window open during the daytime. If I don't use my keyboard for a day, there will be a coat too. XD

I completed his cover and mine. Now I am making the last one for my bro-in-law. :D I can't wait to finish it and go on to my next crochet project which is in the prototype stage, just did some testing today and there are some things that I have to change before I launch it. Hehe.

Some how I wish blogging on iPad can be easier. Safari couldn't load the posting page correctly and Blogger app is too primitive and small. :-\ But I am glad to be using the docking keyboard to type this. I still prefer to type with a real keyboard.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hello February

It's already February! Oh my how time flies as I get older. I had a mini photo shoot with my hand painted doll Momo chan and I have to say that I am super pleased with the pictures. I still have a lot to learn about photographing dolls but at least now I know that the equipments that I have can give me what I have always wanted. :)

What have I always wanted? The BOKEH! I had been inspired with many awesome dolly photographs but I can never get what they have because we didn't have the correct lenses. Or I just don't know how to go about utilizing what we have all along. LoL

Anyway, with only 25mmF1.4 I can't get that close to the subject, so I added 2 +4 close up filters to get closer to Momo chan. These +4 close up filters had been with me for many years and they are still serving me well even when we change different cameras over the years. ;)

Maybe it is time to take out my dollies and go back into dolly photography for a bit. I missed them quite a bit. And I still wish that I can sew dolly clothes but I still suck at it. LoL Sad.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Random idea of our home

Louise relaxing on the ripples.

It is a rainy late afternoon. Recently I have been watching some episodes of Home Maker 2 on :D Our future home will will ready at the end of the year and ideas for renovation are all helpful now. It is good to gain some ideas here and there so that we can understand a bit about the materials and styles.

Pinterest and Dwelling Gawker are also awesome to gather ideas <3 I've gotten a lot of ideas for kitchen designs. We will most likely only have bottom kitchen cabinets and install some open shelves. ^^

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ripple Crochet

BaBaSheep came back with my darling from New Zealand. :)

I wanted to learn how to make wave/ripple crochet, so I Googled and found this cool pattern by Angie, it is call the Ripples of Happiness :D It is a graphic pattern so it helped me a lot since I am bad at reading alphabets patterns.

Ripple crochet looks intimidating to me but after reading the pattern it is actually very easy. It only involves very basic types of stitches. The wavy pattern makes the blanket looks more interesting.

I used a heavier yarn here, so it looks kind of chunky, I am wondering if I should switch back to the yarns I usually use but for now I'll just go with this. :)

I also found a nice YouTube video that shows how to hide the loose ends without knots. It is extremely useful with whatever crochet project I do. Good bye ugly knots. :D

It is the 7th day of Lunar New Year today also known as 人日. According to Chinese custom, it is actually the day when human beings were created. So Happy Birthday everyone! :D

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Lunar New Year Day 4

Time with friends. Kinetic, cats, mahjong, food and happy time!!!
Mahjong being one of the games that we play during this festive time when we gather with our family and friends. ;D Now we also have more choices like Wii or Kinetic gaming consoles that has full body interaction games. :D

Not forgetting the cute cats that we came across where our friend lives. There are a lot of them and they seem to be very well-kept by the people living in that estate. <3 Love them! All in all it was a really fun day!

We ended the day with a scrumptious dinner with Yu Sheng, with crazy video above. LoL We are suppose to say auspicious things when we toss the mix of vegetables, fish, sesame seeds and crackers. That's why we were so noisy in the video. Then we proceed to KTV and sang our hearts out. "I I love you like a love song baby~"

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Domo meets the little bears

Since Lunar new year started yesterday, I don't really get the chance to sit down in front of the computer to edit photos and blog about them.

So I have installed Blogger app on my iPhone and am now trying to blog an entry with it. Since I don't get to resize my photos to the size I want, I am not sure how this entry will turn out. Hope it's all good and I can blog easily even without being on the computer. :)

Did you have fun during this new year? I hope you have a lot of goodies and a lot of red packets and also spend time with family and friends. :D

I should be asleep 2 hours ago! Haha Signing off now. Good night!