Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Random idea of our home

Louise relaxing on the ripples.

It is a rainy late afternoon. Recently I have been watching some episodes of Home Maker 2 on xin.msn.com :D Our future home will will ready at the end of the year and ideas for renovation are all helpful now. It is good to gain some ideas here and there so that we can understand a bit about the materials and styles.

Pinterest and Dwelling Gawker are also awesome to gather ideas <3 I've gotten a lot of ideas for kitchen designs. We will most likely only have bottom kitchen cabinets and install some open shelves. ^^

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ripple Crochet

BaBaSheep came back with my darling from New Zealand. :)

I wanted to learn how to make wave/ripple crochet, so I Googled and found this cool pattern by Angie, it is call the Ripples of Happiness :D It is a graphic pattern so it helped me a lot since I am bad at reading alphabets patterns.

Ripple crochet looks intimidating to me but after reading the pattern it is actually very easy. It only involves very basic types of stitches. The wavy pattern makes the blanket looks more interesting.

I used a heavier yarn here, so it looks kind of chunky, I am wondering if I should switch back to the yarns I usually use but for now I'll just go with this. :)

I also found a nice YouTube video that shows how to hide the loose ends without knots. It is extremely useful with whatever crochet project I do. Good bye ugly knots. :D

It is the 7th day of Lunar New Year today also known as 人日. According to Chinese custom, it is actually the day when human beings were created. So Happy Birthday everyone! :D

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Lunar New Year Day 4

Time with friends. Kinetic, cats, mahjong, food and happy time!!!
Mahjong being one of the games that we play during this festive time when we gather with our family and friends. ;D Now we also have more choices like Wii or Kinetic gaming consoles that has full body interaction games. :D

Not forgetting the cute cats that we came across where our friend lives. There are a lot of them and they seem to be very well-kept by the people living in that estate. <3 Love them! All in all it was a really fun day!

We ended the day with a scrumptious dinner with Yu Sheng, with crazy video above. LoL We are suppose to say auspicious things when we toss the mix of vegetables, fish, sesame seeds and crackers. That's why we were so noisy in the video. Then we proceed to KTV and sang our hearts out. "I I love you like a love song baby~"

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Domo meets the little bears

Since Lunar new year started yesterday, I don't really get the chance to sit down in front of the computer to edit photos and blog about them.

So I have installed Blogger app on my iPhone and am now trying to blog an entry with it. Since I don't get to resize my photos to the size I want, I am not sure how this entry will turn out. Hope it's all good and I can blog easily even without being on the computer. :)

Did you have fun during this new year? I hope you have a lot of goodies and a lot of red packets and also spend time with family and friends. :D

I should be asleep 2 hours ago! Haha Signing off now. Good night!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Happy Lunar New Year

It is the year of Dragon in a day. I wish that it will be a better year for everyone in the world.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Beading in Sarawak

When I was in Kuching during December, we went to the Sarawak Cultural Village, a living museum that showcases the cultural heritages of Sarawak, with longhouses of different tribes. Villagers are there to show how their days are like in the longhouse and the things they do.

This lady was in Orang Ulu Longhouse beading away and also selling them. She told me that she made all these and to support handmade I decided to get this crocodile for my bag. :D  It is very soft and moves kinda funnily. Hehe

If you are planning to buy a lot of souvenirs and you have a tight budget, you can get the exact design from Jalan Main Bazaar for 2/3 of the price I paid at the SCV. Reason why I bought from SCV instead was that I read online that the money goes straight to the maker but I am not sure how true is that, I just want to support handmade. XD It is not super expensive but if you are getting a lot for your family and friends that might hurt the wallet a little. LoL

Back to beading, Kuching's beading craft is beautiful. I was too busy shopping for souvenirs I didn't have time to take photos of the craft works. OxO; So here are a few examples from my Google search to showcase how beautiful their beading works are. The way they used the colors and the patterns were amazing.
Here is one of the souvenirs we bought for ourselves from the Jalan Main Bazaar. : ) <3

A walk with Lumix GX1 and 25mm F1.4

GX1 and 25mm F1.4 lens are new additions to our camera family and I really like the combination. Took a walk with it in Chinatown one afternoon and try to get use to it.

Spring is here! <3

Stall owner of the Lunar New Year decorations.

With F1.4 there is a lot to practice for me when it comes to the DoF. I have get the focusing right every time, but I am not complaining because I am in love with the bokeh. <3

Here is a photo of Fretty the always worried bear, an amigurumi bear I made recently. It is worried that it will fall into the water. XD I look forward to getting better at shooting with the setup so that I can share them here. <3

Friday, 20 January 2012

Welcome to my blog

Hello everyone, I am E and here is another attempt to start blogging again. I hope that I can hang on to blogging again like I used to and record my crafting journey. I might also add in some photos of places I go with my better half and friends. : ) Bear with my writing though, not much of a writer. Hehe.

Lunar New Year is just a few days away and spring cleaning is one of the things to do during this period of time and today I decide to clean up my wardrobe. I came cross a few crafts that were made by recycling old t-shirts into yarn and making them into something. It's pretty cool so I decided to recycle my old t-shirt. :D

I saw this tutorial by Bailey K on making t-shirt yarn and it's really easy. I am planning to make a seat cushion cover out of this but turns out the ball of yarn wasn't enough. Haha I might need 1 or 2 more t-shirts to make a complete seat cushion cover.