Saturday, 11 February 2012

One of the Saturdays

Earlier today, it was quite warm with the blue sky and fluffy blue clouds, then the weather gets cooler as the sun sets. I had been crocheting with coasters for ourselves. :) The day ended with a lovely Tuna subway and Mr Bean's bean curd with Tāngyuán in it. Otama kun joined me during dinner. Hehe :D We also enjoyed the sun set together while Mr J went off to run his errand. :P

I had been watching Ghost Adventures while crocheting recently. At first I wasn't really impressed by how dramatic they are in the show but I managed to get used to it and I am at season 4 now. XD It's not something like Ghost Hunters (A fan for the show) but it is interesting because Ghost Adventures would introduce the places they visit, so I'm watching a travel/paranormal show and they are kind of funny too. Hehe

Tomorrow we will be going to Expo to look at some Furniture/Home show, hopefully we can learn some useful information at the show regarding renovation for our future home. :)


  1. nice sunset.. i wanted to captures tonite sunset too but sadly i failed at doing so... :P

    1. Thanks! :) Used a pano stitching app on iphone to shoot one. Why failed? lazy? LOL

  2. lol... the nice part was at the other edge of the building that i cant capture from my window... (i was already out of my window with my gh2... lol) took a few photo. not satisfactory.