Monday, 27 February 2012

Klang: Premiere Hotel

Mr J and I traveled to Klang, Malaysia to attend his colleague's wedding and we stayed in Premiere Hotel. This is a 5 stars hotel, we booked the room through Agoda for $74sgd per night which is way cheaper than the usual stated price at $200+ sgd.

There was a king size bed which is not too soft nor too firm, they also supplied soft and hard pillow. Though we would still prefer our own pillows lol if only we had our own pillows, the sleep would had been the best! They also provided plenty of towels in different sizes, the lighting in the room was sufficient. Our room is on the 17th floor and it was the last room on the left when facing the opposite side of the elevator lobby windows and at night there was this loud generator noise. We were not really affected by it but if you are sensitive to noise it could be annoying.

I have to say the room was really clean :D The sheets are clean and spotless, the carpet looked clean and the bathroom was very clean too. <3

The minibar area with the mini fridge below. The fridge wasn't really cold even with it's setting on coldest. I like this corner as I get to make our tea everyday. :D But I didn't enjoy the top cupboard being there, for the height, it was dangerous because I had my forehead bumped into the corner of the cupboard 3 times and twice was on the same spot of my forehead. -__-; It was really painful. The hotel knew about this problem, so they had the corner of the cupboard sealed with a corner rubber protector, with that I didn't have a hole on my forehead but it was still painful to bump into the rubber protector.

There were ironing board, steam iron, 6 hangers and a safe deposit box inside the wardrobe that has a auto light which will turn on when there is movement but sometimes it just won't activate. ^^; We were glad that there's ironing board and iron provided as we needed to iron we shirts. :)

The bathroom was really spacious and clean. Although there wasn't a bathtub, the shower was great with powerful water flow and adjusting the temperature of the water was easy. The amenities in the bathroom include a plastic comb, 2 sets of toothbrush and toothpaste, a sewing kit, a shower cap, 2 bottles of moisturizing cream, a bar of soap, 2 bottles of shower gel, 2 bottles of shampoo and a sanitary bag.

The night view out of the room's window was a bonus! Not only we get to enjoy the night view, this was also the direction for sun rise. :D It was amazing! But it wasn't easy to view the sun rise as the outside of the window has condensation over it since we had the AC on throughout the night. We are guessing that we should be able to catch the sun rise from the elevator lobby because the AC isn't that strong and the windows should be clearer though the window panes aren't as clean as those in our room. ' 3 '

Spacious elevator lobby at 17th floor. It is bright at night, the lobby and corridor don't feel creepy like some hotel does where the lights are very dim.

For our 2 nights stay, we ordered Banana Split and a regular pizza at night. :) They tasted good but when we requested for 2 scoops of chocolate and 1 scoop of vanilla and they repeated our order, the banana split came with 2 scoops of strawberry and 1 scoop of chocolate. As for the pizza, it took an hour to be delivered to our room when it says on the menu that it needed 30 minutes. I called the food ordering line to check on my order but no one answered it, so I called the one stop line and had them check for me regarding my order and if they had forgotten my order I would like to cancel it as it was late already. They checked and told me the staff was on the way to our room. Waited for another 5 to 10 minutes for the pizza to arrive and it was already 1.25am. X_X; I almost fell asleep and Mr J fell asleep long ago while waiting for the pizza.

Tesco shopping centre is very close to the hotel, about 5 to 10mins walk away, there is also an A&W restaurant behind the hotel if you are an A&W fan :D~~ The huge shopping centre Jusco is 4km away from the hotel and they provide shuttle services.

The stay in this hotel was overall very good, we wish that the staff could be more attentive with their service. As we asked for things through room service on different nights and even if they seems to acknowledge our request on the phone, they did not deliver what we had requested. :-\ All the staffs were very friendly and helpful. :) It would be so much easier if I knew Bahasa so that language won't be a barrier when traveling in Malaysia.

(Photos are a mixture of Mr J's and mine, only the last 2 are mine. All edited by me. )

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