Thursday, 14 November 2013

Journey back to nature: Yarn Wrapped Twig

Exploring the nature's material for crafting or perhaps decor. White branches are pretty appealing and yarn wrapped branches too. A really simple DIY, look for the perfect branch, wash it, dry it, paint it and wrap it.

I made a simple tutorial video. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. :)

Monday, 11 November 2013

A Walk Nearby

Went for a short walk around the neighborhood in the evening thinking that I should get some exercise. We have this little hill just about a few minutes walk away, which I adore. I can see this little hill from my windows and there were times when tiny little people would climb up the hill to chill, fly kite or do some photography. There was even once when someone carried a couch and left it on top of the hill. LOL It is gone now of course.

At first I thought I would walk around the hill and check out the location but I couldn't resist the temptation to climb it and check out the view. This is the 2nd time I've been on it, it was at night during the 1st time when it was super moon and I wanted to check if I would get a good view of the moon but it just looked normal from the hill. XD

It was nice to be up there, alone. There were joggers jogging around the hill but I was the only one on the hill. Weirdo. Fun to see the swallows be flying so close, as you can see the little black dots in the photo below. :) Singing to the song that I was listening to, probably nobody can hear me, I hope! O.O

Some rows of this grass were spared from the lawn mower machine. Standing tall like the man-made cranes and stadium lights at the back. :)

Picked up some branches from below a tree for some project. As much as I love the nature but I don't like bugs or dirt, so I was fighting myself when I picked them up, checking if I'd bring some insects back home. I've washed them and drying them out now. :) I still hope I didn't bring anything back. Hahaha...

I hope I'll walk more, get some exercise going so that I can stay healthy. :)

Photography Recap of Last Week

Simple recap of the things that happened a week ago with some photos. We baked some carrot with orange zest muffins that turned out dry and hard because I left it in the oven a tad too long. :P Why we made carrot muffins? Because I want to plant some carrot top plants. LOL What a reason! We don't eat carrot that much to gather enough tops. XD

This is what I am talking about. The carrot top plant, I'm hoping to have some more green plants in the kitchen and carrot top plant is said to bloom white flowers. We shall see if I can manage to get it to grow pass this stage, not really a green thumb... This is day 5 by the way. :) The carrot I bought didn't have any green stems on top so these little green shots are new. This top will not grow into another carrot from the websites I read so I'm only looking forward for green leaves and flowers if possible. :D

Enjoyed our double cheese burgers on Sunday via Mcdelivery. Lazy lazy.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

I mugs ask you a question

If you do a search for Sharpie mug you will get tons of results of tutorials. When I was browsing through Pinterest I came across it and I was thrilled! Also I just bought some Sharpie marker lately and also some white ceramic mugs from Ikea. Why not draw some mustaches on the mugs? It would be cute! At least as display because I wasn't too sure if it is gonna stay on the mug but we'll have it as display for now. ;D

According to this very clear guide by DIYopolis and many other guides (I read many different posts, I've lost track) Some cleaning should be done to the mug's surface with rubbing alcohol to remove any oil residue from my hands (If I touch my oily face then I touch the mug, the marker is not going to get cured on the mug.) After cleaning, it would be easier to trace the mustache on as I'm making multiple mugs. After which I set them in the oven, set it to 180 degrees celsius and bake for 30 mins. I left the mugs inside the oven when it's heating to 180. When the baking is done, the mugs were left inside the oven until it cools down.

It sounded easy ya? Not! In DIYopolis's guide it is said that results differs from mug to mug because of their glaze so my hope wasn't high. I did a simple soft wash with detergent and the drawing came off. Not totally but the most outside coat came off.

I did more research and oil-based markers surfaced as well as porcelain markers. I went for the oil-based marker that is more common. Removed the mustache from one of the mugs with rubbing alcohol and lighter fluid (which is great for removing price tag stickers)

Picture above is Sharpie marker, the mustache has this brownish tint and a little faded. It smudges a little when I wipe my thumb across. I've also tried baking this mug twice as suggested by other crafters. But maybe the Sharpie marker don't go too well with this mug.

This picture above has the mustache drawn with ZIG's Painty oil-based marker. It is thicker since it's oil-based and it stays on the surface a lot better. I did a wash routine with detergent by hand like I usually do, some outer coat faded but it is not noticeable and unable to photograph. It doesn't smudge when I pass the drawing with my thumb.

Nevertheless, they make really cute display in our kitchen, we are very pleased with it.

My verdict to this hand drawn mug project:
  • Normal Sharpie doesn't work for this Ikea mug.
  • ZIG Painty oil-based marker works pretty well.
  • I would love to try with porcelain pen but have yet to find out where I can get it.
  • Perhaps it is the mug but I don't have other mugs to try on. XD
  • Might be the oven's temperature and baking time, should experiment it more.
  • I want to make more! Time to visit Ikea again.
Both markers are not stated non-toxic so if you are making one I wouldn't suggest to draw anything inside the mug or wherever the food or lips will get in contact. :) I would love to use mine sometime but I won't be using the Sharpie marker one and I would drink on the opposite side of the mustache. ^^

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Traditional weighing scale in black

The traditional weighing scale went black in our home. ^^ Found it in a second hand store in very good condition, probably unused so I wouldn't say it's old. Hehe But this type of weighing scale is the standard type that has been around for a long time. Even though the original paint was in good condition and the color is kind of nice but we prefer it black! Why not just spray it?

It turned out really nice after it went to the dark side. XD It contained some retro Beebee crackers and Chupachups during our housewarming.

We placed it on a shoe cabinet next to our main door and it was often thought as a fengshui item. LOL Or guests would just stare at it for quite a long time.

I am glad that we took the path of spraying/painting our own stuff because more than often those things that caught our eyes don't come in the color we want, so if there is any way we can change the color we will do it. :DDDDD Thanks to Ikea's lamp shade that got this "habit" started.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

DIY Clipboard Display Wall

There is never enough storage for my yarn.

I present to you our play and work room with the Clipboard Display Wall. One side of it at least, we are not quite done with the other side of the room. Recently J put up the clipboards display that we saw on Pinterest. I love sticking stuff on the wall but it damages the paint work over time so this is a great idea for me who loves to switch displays frequently.

Command Medium Picture Hanging Strip for each clipboard
Command Medium Picture Hanging Strip for each clipboard
Command Medium Picture Hanging Strip for each clipboard
Command Medium Picture Hanging Strip for each clipboard
Command Medium Picture Hanging Strip for each clipboard
Command Medium Picture Hanging Strip for each clipboard
Command Medium Picture Hanging Strip for each clipboard
3M Command Medium Picture Hanging Strip for each clipboard
3M Command Medium Picture Hanging Strip for each clipboard
3M Command Medium Picture Hanging Strip for each clipboard
 Domo kun made it up on the clipboard hehe and a tribute to Pinterest! Another picture of this wall.

We had been thinking what should we do with this piece of huge wall. There are tons of stuff we can do with it. Perhaps something non that permanent that we can change the displays on and off with whatever we like. Pinterest is where I browse for inspiration daily. Even if I only had 10 mins in a day or before I sleep, I would get in there and look around. Then I found the clipboard display ideas and showed it to J. It is perfect! 

Removable velcro hanging strips by 3M Command.
J measuring meticulously for the spacing of the clipboards ^^

We used one 3M Command Medium Picture Hanging Strip for each clipboard and secure the bottom of the clipboard with a little bit of white tack as the wind is pretty strong at our place when the windows are open.

This clipboard display idea is perfect if you have kids who love to draw! (Here I'm the kid LOL) You can always update the board with their latest drawings and with the help of the 3M hanging strips it shouldn't cause a lot of damage to your wall. But still beware of paint chipping if too much force is applied when removing the clipboard. This is an inexpensive project and you can also decorate the clipboards with beautiful masking tapes or wrapping paper. :)

 Looking for the "perfect" for us wasn't easy. The stationary shop that we went to only had 8 of this particular design and being the picky sort, we can't settle on any other types of clipboard anymore. So for now we settled on 8 boards first. My plan was to have 12 boards or even 14 boards so that they are much closer together. It is not too bad to have 8 boards after all though, it is not that cluttered. ^^


  • Love how neat it is in the left picture.
  • Great idea to have a elastic band around the clipboard to secure the picture from flying if it's windy and also include smaller pictures at the bottom part of the board in the middle picture.
  • Nice mixture of colors with the wall!