Friday, 17 February 2012

Rain goes away, body came along

Rain on the window...

The red and white chimney that I will miss when I move to our new house. I was playing with GX1 during the evening trying out the miniature mode from my window view. Something different but I still prefer the real bokeh. :D

Here's another shot, after that I saw the rainbow again but I did not capture it because it was really faint and disappearing. Seems like it was only out for a while.

Who would expect Hobbylink's package to arrive so soon!!! Momo chan's Pure Neemo Flection body is here! The package arrive after dinner. :D Momo chan is unable to contain her excitement Lol Look at her!

DUNDUNDUN! To our horror her back of the new body was stained!!! D: If you refer to the previous photo you can see how the instruction paper was place under the body and since Pure Neemo Flection body weight is kind of dense and the surface is matt, the ink of the piece of paper had been transferred onto the body. :(

The affected areas are her back right shoulder, her butt cheeks and her calves. Although my photo isn't showing much, the stains were actually darker as compare to the photo. Momo chan was shocked! ;__;

I attempted to clean up the stains in hoping that they will be easily removed but the stain on the right butt cheek is too stubborn to be removed entirely. ;A; I don't want to stress the body too much for now. Maybe I might do a light sanding to the affected area later in the coming week of something.

My first impression of Pure Neemo Flection S body online was that I thought it's really nice to pose with it, looking at all the cute/anime like hand gestures. ;-) I also thought that since it's plumber than an Obitsu body, Momo chan's Blythe sisters clothing should be able to fit Pure Neemo body better. I also like how curvy the body looks. <3

My first impression of Pure Neemo Flection S body when I took it out of the packaging was the weight is a lot denser than a Obitsu body, it's good because it will be able to handle Momo chan's long hair, they are pretty heavy. When touching the finishing of the body, it's not plastic and it kind of feels better IMO, for some weird reason I felt that I'm one step closer to owning a BJD LoL (Still far from that. I know. Haha...) Well then I noticed that her right arm is kind of loose, the joint gap is obvious. :( PNFS is not as flexible as compare to Obitsu body but I think I can accept that and learn to pose it, it is not like I can pose the Obitsu body well in the first place. I am still in the learning stage of photographing and posing dolls. ^^; Oh ya, last point, PNFS body does fit into Blythe's clothing but the hip is on a larger side and shoulders and bust are smaller, so there is still some alteration to do when choosing clothes for her. And since I have a certain image for her, not all clothing are suitable for her.

Since I did not expect to receive the package so early, I did not dig out the doll clothing. ^^; Even though I've transferred Momo chan onto the new body, she didn't have a decent to wear and no good lighting at night, hence no photos of the new Momo chan.

I will see if I can crochet something simple for her tonight before bed so that she can go to the airport with us tomorrow to watch the air show! :D

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