Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Choosing A Body for Momo chan

I have been thinking of replacing Momo chan's body because she is unable to share her Blythe sisterher clothes due to her skinny obitsu body. :(

So we went online to look for a suitable body. Researching, comparing prices, asking for advises...


After quite some time, we finally made up our mind and placed our order! Momo chan's new body should be here in 1 or 2 week's time. Hohoho

We can't wait!!! I can't wait to pose her better and she can't wait to wear more clothes without having them sewn on her because they are too loose on her skinny obitsu body. ' 3';

Well, I don't play with Momo chan much because her head wobble badly on this body, the torso is really loose whenever I pose her and of course the size of the obitsu body isn't suitable for me. I still wish that I can make clothes myself but I'm not good at it. ^^; So I hope after we get the new body things will be better. :D

I'll update again when the body is here. :D I also wanted to get an extra head from the same store to save shipping but too bad those that I wanted aren't available. Oh well. ^^

Oh ya, Mr J and I went to the movies tonight and we caught Safe House. I would recommend this film! Really exciting and Ryan Reynolds is such a hottie. Hahaha XD Well, the night didn't end really well though because Mr J wasn't feeling too well. I hope he will feel better after a night's good rest. :(

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