Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ripple Crochet

BaBaSheep came back with my darling from New Zealand. :)

I wanted to learn how to make wave/ripple crochet, so I Googled and found this cool pattern by Angie, it is call the Ripples of Happiness :D It is a graphic pattern so it helped me a lot since I am bad at reading alphabets patterns.

Ripple crochet looks intimidating to me but after reading the pattern it is actually very easy. It only involves very basic types of stitches. The wavy pattern makes the blanket looks more interesting.

I used a heavier yarn here, so it looks kind of chunky, I am wondering if I should switch back to the yarns I usually use but for now I'll just go with this. :)

I also found a nice YouTube video that shows how to hide the loose ends without knots. It is extremely useful with whatever crochet project I do. Good bye ugly knots. :D

It is the 7th day of Lunar New Year today also known as 人日. According to Chinese custom, it is actually the day when human beings were created. So Happy Birthday everyone! :D

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