Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Quiet day

It had been a quiet and cooling day. Pinterest has been keeping me busy lately and the things that I can see there are really inspiring and interesting. :) Especially when there are a lot of DIY, Home and crafts. Whatever people pin there, I can get to the original source to read more about the topics.

I used to blog many years back, I posted random photos about my life and my friends. It was really fun back then, but as the years go by, I started to self-censor myself and finally decided to drop my blogs all together. I guess when I grew older, I want to have more privacy about my life. But I guess it is ok to share bits and pieces about my life and keep this as a diary of some sort.

Now that I want to get back blogging about what I enjoy doing and what I enjoyed with my family. I find it kind of hard to start writing about stuff as I haven't been really writing for years and I kind of forgot what I should write about. It is either I talk too little about something or I talk too much about something (like now). Haha

So please bear with my blogging style while I get use to it all over again. I don't want to bore anyone. :(

Yumie being a darling. Look at her bright eyes. ^^

After a few days, the last keyboard cover is finally completed. :D I am pleased with the colors I chose, gradients of blue can never go wrong. LOL XD According to J, my bro-in-law likes blue, so I gathered my blue scrap and new yarns to make this. After I finish this post, I will continue with my new crochet project before I go to bed. I am quite excited about this project and I will show what I am doing after I figure out the final outcome as I usually jinx stuff after I talk too much about it. XD

Good night.

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