Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Crochet Ripple Madness

We went out for a small shopping trip yesterday for some camera equipment for J and some yarn shopping for me. :D Then we head to Chinatown for a short photo walk to enjoy the lights in Chinatown before they remove all the Chinese new year decorations.

I had been crocheting covers for our keyboards. Our room tend to get dusty very easily and black keyboards do not help at all. A coat of dust will always be on J's keyboard after I had the window open during the daytime. If I don't use my keyboard for a day, there will be a coat too. XD

I completed his cover and mine. Now I am making the last one for my bro-in-law. :D I can't wait to finish it and go on to my next crochet project which is in the prototype stage, just did some testing today and there are some things that I have to change before I launch it. Hehe.

Some how I wish blogging on iPad can be easier. Safari couldn't load the posting page correctly and Blogger app is too primitive and small. :-\ But I am glad to be using the docking keyboard to type this. I still prefer to type with a real keyboard.

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