Thursday, 16 February 2012

Momo chan gets new dress and accessories

A rare full body photo of Momo chan. :)

Even though she will be getting a new body soon and this dress will only fit this body, it is ok because the other body-less girl could use the body. :) After referencing online what is possible to create with crocheting for dolly fashion, I just went ahead to improvise as I go. I didn't record the stitches. ^^;

Instead of using the yarns I have, I turned to using sewing threads because they will be softer after I crochet them. I almost finished up my bobbin of 100% linen thread that I bought long ago, thinking that I could use it for packaging but I didn't use it much. Though the whole bobbin is awesome as a prop for photography. Hehe. I love the color and texture of it and it is soft enough after handling it a bit. 

Thick cotton sewing thread was used for the white trims, hat and shawl. It is really soft after crochet! <3 

Maybe I should make a pair of matching shoes for her too. Poor thing is bare footed. : p

Hat keeps her hair less messy and cute! XD

Aww this shawl is super soft! I love touching it. LoL Initially it was suppose to be a shawl plus cardigan but she didn't look good in it as a cardigan. So it just remains as a shawl.

Momo with messy hair! ^^ I like how the dress sticks to her body and is not bulky.

I also discovered another with great lighting to take pictures! The bathroom. XD There is a huge frosted window that defused the sunlight and white tiles bay window! It's an excellent place for me. Wahahaha

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