Monday, 20 February 2012

Shopping day - Uniqlo

Yesterday I saw that Uniqlo is having promo for the hood sweat shirt with discount from $49.90 to $29.90. So we went to take a look at the branch at Causeway Point. (Super glad we have a Uniqlo branch so close! I love their tops, sadly I can't fit their bottoms. :-\ ) We both bought a woman and man's grey sweat shirt. Hehe <3 It's so soft and fits really nicely. <3 Although it's a bit towards to a warmer side but it's fine by me as long as I get to cover my skin from the sun. = 3 =;;

That's why I love Uniqlo! They have trendy looking long sleeves tops and they are at affordable price! <3 They even came out with a series that has UV cuts! How cool is that! :D I bought them too.

 My skin has this condition that I can't be out in the sun too much (5 mins under the sun is enough to burn me), else my skin will be red and irritated badly. So I had to cover myself up as much as possible when I'm outdoors. Sun block doesn't work for me at all, only covering up works. :( I will sweat like a pig but it's okie because the irritation will damage my skin. It will get itchy, swell, dried up, crack and peel off and takes a few days or a week to recover, I can't bare to go through that again and all these make it impossible for me to sleep.

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