Thursday, 26 January 2012

Lunar New Year Day 4

Time with friends. Kinetic, cats, mahjong, food and happy time!!!
Mahjong being one of the games that we play during this festive time when we gather with our family and friends. ;D Now we also have more choices like Wii or Kinetic gaming consoles that has full body interaction games. :D

Not forgetting the cute cats that we came across where our friend lives. There are a lot of them and they seem to be very well-kept by the people living in that estate. <3 Love them! All in all it was a really fun day!

We ended the day with a scrumptious dinner with Yu Sheng, with crazy video above. LoL We are suppose to say auspicious things when we toss the mix of vegetables, fish, sesame seeds and crackers. That's why we were so noisy in the video. Then we proceed to KTV and sang our hearts out. "I I love you like a love song baby~"

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