Saturday, 2 November 2013

Traditional weighing scale in black

The traditional weighing scale went black in our home. ^^ Found it in a second hand store in very good condition, probably unused so I wouldn't say it's old. Hehe But this type of weighing scale is the standard type that has been around for a long time. Even though the original paint was in good condition and the color is kind of nice but we prefer it black! Why not just spray it?

It turned out really nice after it went to the dark side. XD It contained some retro Beebee crackers and Chupachups during our housewarming.

We placed it on a shoe cabinet next to our main door and it was often thought as a fengshui item. LOL Or guests would just stare at it for quite a long time.

I am glad that we took the path of spraying/painting our own stuff because more than often those things that caught our eyes don't come in the color we want, so if there is any way we can change the color we will do it. :DDDDD Thanks to Ikea's lamp shade that got this "habit" started.


  1. did you also change the weighing scale face? very nice!

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