Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A quickie

I've started a Facebook page to showcase my drawings and many other things but I am currently unable to set the username for the page due to some error and I have to try again later. I will update the link to the page later. ^^

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Miwa Summer Time

Summer colors, Miwa is sure in the mood for summer. She's an old original character that I made years ago, a Kuchisake Onna, slitted mouth woman. I have to say, splattering of paint is fun when it gets on the paper. LOL

Monday, 27 May 2013

Beautiful Tomie (Fanart)

I love the works of Agnes Cecile, she does really pretty painting and I enjoyed watching her paintings on Youtube. This painting of Tomie is greatly inspired by her. Tomie is a horror manga character of Junji Ito who is my all time favorite horror manga artist. Tomie is the girl who is very enchanting and beautiful, many men who met her will kill her in the most horrible ways but she keeps coming back alive and multiplies if they have cut her up. A beautiful monster.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Urban Sketching

I attended my first ever SketchWalk with Urban Sketchers Singapore at Queenstown, it was an amazing experience to see how people sketch and paint such beautiful art pieces. Although it won't consider to be my first time doing sketching outside but the idea of Urban Sketching is new to me.

Perspective drawing has always been my weak point and I hope to improve it together with my observation skill through doing Urban Sketching. Went to the library to grab these books :D As well as look at the IheARTwoodlands exhibition in the library that showcased my husband's and my photographs. ^^

 Really choppy sketch I did this morning while waiting to board the coach to arrive for our Sentosa trip.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Summer Paper Cut

We moved into our new home during Chinese New Year period and bought a spring "paper cut" (it's laser cut) decoration for our main door. We thought we could continue with this display when spring is over, we will change to the next season and the next even though there's no 4 seasons in Singapore. Also to break the habit of a lot of locals who likes to keep their CNY decor throughout the year. Haha

It's been a few weeks according to our lunar calendar that it's Summer and decided to sit down and some out with a design. Since we don't have a printer yet, I went to the nearest mall to print the graphic out and also get a large piece of red card. The pain of my index finger is worthy. LOL

Will prepare for Autumn and Winter after some time. ^^

Oh and I love our new and big cutting mat! XD

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Calligraphy practice

Dug out my old manga pen holder, G-nib, yellowed manga paper and grabbed a bottle of chinese ink from the stationary store when I bought the pencil gribs in my previous post. Started my journey of calligraphy practice...

Since I've been into Game of Thrones for awhile now and it is more interesting to do some practice writing with the quotes from the TV show. I did a simple alphabets practice before this though, I didn't know how the strokes go and some alphabets are really hard to get it's shape right. Like the capital R, S and W for this style. (Do they call it style of font type?) I love the letter P and D.

I am never satisfied with my handwriting and they always change depending on how I write and none of them are pretty. LOL I hope that practicing calligraphy will help me strengthen my handwriting and discipline myself. Speaking about that, I should really practice more with the set of alphabets than writing quotes only. Heh

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Finding comfort in crocheting

I hold my crochet hooks like pencil when I crochet, I've tried holding them like a knife but I couldn't get use to it. My fingers tend to be stiff and painful when I crochet a bigger project than those that I can finish in a day. I thought I should look into tools that will help ease my pain I get.

When I google for ergonomic crochet hooks, I've come across some hooks that are off nice and comfortable looking handles and I was at the verge of purchasing them until I dig deeper and read reviews... I guess these type of tools might not work for everyone, somehow it's like you either hate it or love it and I don't feel like paying now for something I might not like. So I google again for DIY ergonomic grips crochet hooks and I found some tutorials like this and this.

I purchased some pencil grabs from the stationary store (mine are scented. Now my hooks smell like mango as stated on the packaging but it just smell like something sweet. lol) I followed the tutorial from Instructables to increase the size of my hook with masking tape and then slip on the grip.

I tried it for a little bit, it does increase the grip comfort but it has gotten fat, so I have to get use to the grip size. I can't tell for now if it is ergonomically good for me until I crochet something for a long time and somehow I don't have any projects on my mind at this moment. ^^; So I'll review it some time later I guess.