Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Momo Chan with new body

Some how I forgot to blog about Momo chan with her new Pure Neemo Flection body over the weekend. ^^;

With this body, she feels a little more matured, I guess it is due to all the curves that the body has which is what I like. :)

I did a quick crochet with all my left over linen thread for her in this body. :D It is shorter because that's all I had left. XD After playing with her sometime, her hair is getting a little wavy, I didn't tie her hair, not sure how the waves appear but I guess I might have to iron them straight soon. :)

When the time comes, I will work on the other Obitsu head that I had the hair implanted half way. ^^; Most likely also remove the old face I painted and paint a new face for her. ' U ' Then she can be on the obitsu body.

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