Sunday, 20 October 2013

Industrial Style Food Mall in Johor Bahru Malaysia

One thing nice about living in the northern part of Singapore is that we can just take a bus to the custom and poof! We are in Malaysia, Johor Bahru! We enjoy the food there and the exchange rate to be honest. Although things are getting a little more expensive over the years but it is still a nice short afternoon getaway.

Our main purpose today was to buy monthly contact lenses for J. :D The last time when we came to City Square was during June/July before our wedding, we came to City Square to look for my wedding shoes but the mall was having a major facelift so we didn't really enjoy the shopping much. After a year we are back and although there are some parts of the mall that is still under construction, most of the shops are back and they seemed to have added a new wing.

Ever since our home renovation which we were very hands on. Not that we mixed the cement and lay the tiles but in the design wise, we had been paying a lot of attention to shop interiors and I must say there are some really nice Industrial/raw styles out there. They may be too much for a home but they are really inspiring. Like the newly open JEM in Singapore, a lot of shops adapt industrial shelves, displays and so does restaurants/food court. Super yummy!

Alright, let's move to the photo above. It's the Dapurkita Food Mall in City Square! I was blown away with the style and little details they uses in the food mall. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

 Firstly, there are a lot of quotes on the cement screed walls within the food mall. Every where I turn there are different quotes.

Eat like your life depends on it. LOL Inspiring no? Gotta love the tables, chairs and benches. <3 The natural lighting there was awesome, food photography will be a breeze. :D Thought we didn't eat at these food mall because we had KFC before we discover this place.

Eat well travel often and Love can wait hunger can't. Hehe :D

We used subway tiles for our kitchen backsplash but they are much bigger. We wanted to use these 3x6inch tiles but our contractor/ID couldn't find them and our own resource was limited since we are first time home owners and we don't work in related field. So we settled on the bigger subway tiles, not that they are not ideal, I still love my kitchen's backsplash but I wonder how it would look like with these smaller tiles. :)

The brilliant signboard in the food mall. Alphabets cut out of metal sheets and lights installed within. They are really raw and beauty in my eyes. I don't really know if photography is allowed there but I quickly snapped some pics with my phone just for the record.

Although I really like industrial style but our home style only consist of bits and pieces of industrial essences because I have love for other styles as well. I don't really know how to describe my home style of I guess it is our style. XD I hope to show some photos of our home soon. We are still lacking some parts of the home to be properly photographed. Lol Even though we live here but there are only so much energy and time to do proper shooting. ("proper" means I have to clean up my work space and maybe dust the place a little LOL)

Apart from the eye candy in the food mall, we did a little shopping in the Popular bookstore where we found out that it is generally a tad cheaper than Singapore (stationary wise. I don't know about books) and Our Popular membership applies in Malaysia too, so besides being cheaper we still enjoy 10% discount for non nett items.

I grabbed some Sharpies and the PLUS Repositionable Glue Tape and a Malaysia Home and Decor magazine, just to see what they write about in Malaysia version and I like what I read inside. Magazine is Nett priced.

Overall it's fun and my feet hurts! Heading to bed now! Will write more soon.

Good night,

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  1. hi, may i know where did you buy the subway tiles in JB?