Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Play & Work Space

Our Play Room 

I thought I'd post about this space first and slowly move out to the other parts of our home. :) This is where we game, relax, get inspired, create, craft, DIY, sew, crochet, work, stressed out, relax again, photography yada yada :D

Can I say that I love our desks? A bit shameless haha.. The structure is constructed with the typical storage rack system that we Singaporeans (Most) are familiar with if you have a household shelter aka storeroom in your home. This idea is not be new but we are glad that we managed to get this idea done up. It suits the style and our needs and the length, width and height are very customizable. ^^

 A quick initial fail sketch (lol) of our table for the storage rack boss.

We need a storage rack for our household shelter as well and I kept all these dusty leaflets that were left on our door when the BTO is completed in a plastic bag and went through them one by one, calling to ask if they take custom design for the table structure. Most of them declined the request for they only have standard sized racks, claiming that customize racks are very troublesome. At least we found one that is willing to customize to our needs. Hooray!

Before engaging the storage rack service, we ordered 2 pieces of 2 x 7ft white laminated plywood top from a factory. Upon confirming our table top, we immediately booked the time slot for the storage rack and table structure.

 There are a lot of ready made sizes table top but ours are longer than usual so we had to have it custom made.

Worked together with the storage rack builders to determine where the legs of the table should be so that it will not obstruct our sitting arrangement. They kept reminding us not to lean on the table top where there is no support (like the middle part of the table along the window) and we understand their concern and will definitely take note. :) They are very friendly and easy to work with.

The completed look after the installation with our dining chair. :D Oh... look how empty and spacious the room is in this picture. Hahaha XD

At first we thought will 14ft of desk space too much for us? At least we get to have our own computer space but after settling down and using the room for half a year we feel that it just right, and with a Mac in the middle it is no longer that spacious anymore LOL

We are still working on this room, in need of storage units for the never ending craft materials, yarns, model building tools, cameras and many more stuff. XD

Aren't these metal cabinets beautiful? I think they suit our place a lot! But that might make our 5x5 Expedit a little out of place. O.o KIV KIV!

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