Saturday, 21 January 2012

Beading in Sarawak

When I was in Kuching during December, we went to the Sarawak Cultural Village, a living museum that showcases the cultural heritages of Sarawak, with longhouses of different tribes. Villagers are there to show how their days are like in the longhouse and the things they do.

This lady was in Orang Ulu Longhouse beading away and also selling them. She told me that she made all these and to support handmade I decided to get this crocodile for my bag. :D  It is very soft and moves kinda funnily. Hehe

If you are planning to buy a lot of souvenirs and you have a tight budget, you can get the exact design from Jalan Main Bazaar for 2/3 of the price I paid at the SCV. Reason why I bought from SCV instead was that I read online that the money goes straight to the maker but I am not sure how true is that, I just want to support handmade. XD It is not super expensive but if you are getting a lot for your family and friends that might hurt the wallet a little. LoL

Back to beading, Kuching's beading craft is beautiful. I was too busy shopping for souvenirs I didn't have time to take photos of the craft works. OxO; So here are a few examples from my Google search to showcase how beautiful their beading works are. The way they used the colors and the patterns were amazing.
Here is one of the souvenirs we bought for ourselves from the Jalan Main Bazaar. : ) <3

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