Saturday, 21 January 2012

A walk with Lumix GX1 and 25mm F1.4

GX1 and 25mm F1.4 lens are new additions to our camera family and I really like the combination. Took a walk with it in Chinatown one afternoon and try to get use to it.

Spring is here! <3

Stall owner of the Lunar New Year decorations.

With F1.4 there is a lot to practice for me when it comes to the DoF. I have get the focusing right every time, but I am not complaining because I am in love with the bokeh. <3

Here is a photo of Fretty the always worried bear, an amigurumi bear I made recently. It is worried that it will fall into the water. XD I look forward to getting better at shooting with the setup so that I can share them here. <3


  1. nice bokeh shots..i didn't know u got a new cam.

    1. Thanks Jas! Bought it some time around christmas. :D