Sunday, 3 November 2013

I mugs ask you a question

If you do a search for Sharpie mug you will get tons of results of tutorials. When I was browsing through Pinterest I came across it and I was thrilled! Also I just bought some Sharpie marker lately and also some white ceramic mugs from Ikea. Why not draw some mustaches on the mugs? It would be cute! At least as display because I wasn't too sure if it is gonna stay on the mug but we'll have it as display for now. ;D

According to this very clear guide by DIYopolis and many other guides (I read many different posts, I've lost track) Some cleaning should be done to the mug's surface with rubbing alcohol to remove any oil residue from my hands (If I touch my oily face then I touch the mug, the marker is not going to get cured on the mug.) After cleaning, it would be easier to trace the mustache on as I'm making multiple mugs. After which I set them in the oven, set it to 180 degrees celsius and bake for 30 mins. I left the mugs inside the oven when it's heating to 180. When the baking is done, the mugs were left inside the oven until it cools down.

It sounded easy ya? Not! In DIYopolis's guide it is said that results differs from mug to mug because of their glaze so my hope wasn't high. I did a simple soft wash with detergent and the drawing came off. Not totally but the most outside coat came off.

I did more research and oil-based markers surfaced as well as porcelain markers. I went for the oil-based marker that is more common. Removed the mustache from one of the mugs with rubbing alcohol and lighter fluid (which is great for removing price tag stickers)

Picture above is Sharpie marker, the mustache has this brownish tint and a little faded. It smudges a little when I wipe my thumb across. I've also tried baking this mug twice as suggested by other crafters. But maybe the Sharpie marker don't go too well with this mug.

This picture above has the mustache drawn with ZIG's Painty oil-based marker. It is thicker since it's oil-based and it stays on the surface a lot better. I did a wash routine with detergent by hand like I usually do, some outer coat faded but it is not noticeable and unable to photograph. It doesn't smudge when I pass the drawing with my thumb.

Nevertheless, they make really cute display in our kitchen, we are very pleased with it.

My verdict to this hand drawn mug project:
  • Normal Sharpie doesn't work for this Ikea mug.
  • ZIG Painty oil-based marker works pretty well.
  • I would love to try with porcelain pen but have yet to find out where I can get it.
  • Perhaps it is the mug but I don't have other mugs to try on. XD
  • Might be the oven's temperature and baking time, should experiment it more.
  • I want to make more! Time to visit Ikea again.
Both markers are not stated non-toxic so if you are making one I wouldn't suggest to draw anything inside the mug or wherever the food or lips will get in contact. :) I would love to use mine sometime but I won't be using the Sharpie marker one and I would drink on the opposite side of the mustache. ^^


  1. Do you still need to bake the mug drawn with the painty marker?

    1. Yes, I baked it with the same temperature and timing as I did for the sharpie drawn mug.

  2. Hi! I found really helpful your post...I have try to make some desings but when I wash the mugs normally the ink falls :(.... I have a question!... How long we must dry the desing already drawn in a mug... 24 hours? ....and after that go to bake 30 mins? I'm right? Thanks you for your answer and I'm sorry for my english.