Monday, 11 November 2013

A Walk Nearby

Went for a short walk around the neighborhood in the evening thinking that I should get some exercise. We have this little hill just about a few minutes walk away, which I adore. I can see this little hill from my windows and there were times when tiny little people would climb up the hill to chill, fly kite or do some photography. There was even once when someone carried a couch and left it on top of the hill. LOL It is gone now of course.

At first I thought I would walk around the hill and check out the location but I couldn't resist the temptation to climb it and check out the view. This is the 2nd time I've been on it, it was at night during the 1st time when it was super moon and I wanted to check if I would get a good view of the moon but it just looked normal from the hill. XD

It was nice to be up there, alone. There were joggers jogging around the hill but I was the only one on the hill. Weirdo. Fun to see the swallows be flying so close, as you can see the little black dots in the photo below. :) Singing to the song that I was listening to, probably nobody can hear me, I hope! O.O

Some rows of this grass were spared from the lawn mower machine. Standing tall like the man-made cranes and stadium lights at the back. :)

Picked up some branches from below a tree for some project. As much as I love the nature but I don't like bugs or dirt, so I was fighting myself when I picked them up, checking if I'd bring some insects back home. I've washed them and drying them out now. :) I still hope I didn't bring anything back. Hahaha...

I hope I'll walk more, get some exercise going so that I can stay healthy. :)

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