Monday, 20 May 2013

Summer Paper Cut

We moved into our new home during Chinese New Year period and bought a spring "paper cut" (it's laser cut) decoration for our main door. We thought we could continue with this display when spring is over, we will change to the next season and the next even though there's no 4 seasons in Singapore. Also to break the habit of a lot of locals who likes to keep their CNY decor throughout the year. Haha

It's been a few weeks according to our lunar calendar that it's Summer and decided to sit down and some out with a design. Since we don't have a printer yet, I went to the nearest mall to print the graphic out and also get a large piece of red card. The pain of my index finger is worthy. LOL

Will prepare for Autumn and Winter after some time. ^^

Oh and I love our new and big cutting mat! XD

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