Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Calligraphy practice

Dug out my old manga pen holder, G-nib, yellowed manga paper and grabbed a bottle of chinese ink from the stationary store when I bought the pencil gribs in my previous post. Started my journey of calligraphy practice...

Since I've been into Game of Thrones for awhile now and it is more interesting to do some practice writing with the quotes from the TV show. I did a simple alphabets practice before this though, I didn't know how the strokes go and some alphabets are really hard to get it's shape right. Like the capital R, S and W for this style. (Do they call it style of font type?) I love the letter P and D.

I am never satisfied with my handwriting and they always change depending on how I write and none of them are pretty. LOL I hope that practicing calligraphy will help me strengthen my handwriting and discipline myself. Speaking about that, I should really practice more with the set of alphabets than writing quotes only. Heh

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