Sunday, 5 May 2013

Finding comfort in crocheting

I hold my crochet hooks like pencil when I crochet, I've tried holding them like a knife but I couldn't get use to it. My fingers tend to be stiff and painful when I crochet a bigger project than those that I can finish in a day. I thought I should look into tools that will help ease my pain I get.

When I google for ergonomic crochet hooks, I've come across some hooks that are off nice and comfortable looking handles and I was at the verge of purchasing them until I dig deeper and read reviews... I guess these type of tools might not work for everyone, somehow it's like you either hate it or love it and I don't feel like paying now for something I might not like. So I google again for DIY ergonomic grips crochet hooks and I found some tutorials like this and this.

I purchased some pencil grabs from the stationary store (mine are scented. Now my hooks smell like mango as stated on the packaging but it just smell like something sweet. lol) I followed the tutorial from Instructables to increase the size of my hook with masking tape and then slip on the grip.

I tried it for a little bit, it does increase the grip comfort but it has gotten fat, so I have to get use to the grip size. I can't tell for now if it is ergonomically good for me until I crochet something for a long time and somehow I don't have any projects on my mind at this moment. ^^; So I'll review it some time later I guess.

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