Saturday, 19 October 2013

Cross Granny Squares Table Cloth For Ikea PS 2012 Coffee Table

We were really happy that Ikea PS series came just in time when we were furnishing our home about starting of this year, since our home has a touch of industrial theme, metal furniture is a big welcome to our shopping list!

Half year has gone by and we thought maybe it's time we cover the surface of the table since the remote controls slide on it day in day out. As I was wondering what we should cover it with, the Cross Blanket by Pia Wallen came across my mind.

This is my first time making multiple granny squares and combining them into a bigger piece. At first I thought I could make some black and white squares to form the cross but the design is too big for the a small piece and I'm a little too lazy to combine tiny squares together. In the end I created this Cross pattern in the middle of the granny square and I am really glad it came out right.

I used a total of 45 squares for the table cloth and some more rows to fill up the sides. The fitting were done as I crochet so there were a lot of undo-ing and redo-ing which was kind of texting near the end. It was so near yet so far. I also learnt my lesson to block the squares before I combine them as I had some trouble blocking the whole piece after combining them. It's all good now though. :)

I'm on the way to make an inverted version. Perhaps next time I will attempt a blanket or I might want to buy the Pia Wallen's Blanket! It is in my wishlist!

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